About us

Fiechter Quality Dressage Horses BVBA is family owned and operated business based in Belgium. We are proud to offer an incredible resource to clients who are looking for top quality dressage horses.  Our goal is to make a perfect match between horse and client. To achieve this we purchase the best horses in Europe of all different ages and levels to provide an excellent variety of horses suitable for professional and amateur clients to choose from. As a result of our more than 25 years of success many of our clients are  repeat customers who buy exclusively from us. *See references for further information.

Our family team is represented by the company founder, Dirk Fiechter and trainers, Yvonne, Jacqueline and Jeanine Fiechter.We are truly "hands-on", riding and caring for our sales horses daily. We really get to know our horses and can provide our potential buyers with detailed information and also have a unique insight into what horse/rider combinations will work best.
We are privileged to work with clients from all over the world and provide full service. If you are flying in, Dirk will pick you up at the airport. Then our team  of experts will meet with you and discuss your goals. Then you will be guided through our barn and shown all suitable horses as well as horses in other barns across Europe until the perfect horse is found.

After you have decided on a horse Yvonne will arrange the vet check and the transport to its new home. All of these arrangements are made in cooperation with you and to your satisfaction. If desired the horse can be trained at Fiechter Quality Dressage Horses BVBA up to a certain level or you you can take lessons on your  horse with Jacqueline to build your new partnership.